This beautiful Mercedes SL55 has upgraded 20″ Giovanna alloys and full privacy glass. We customised this vehicle back in 2009….This thing looks awesome!

THIS CAR IS FOR SALE…(e) rbcustomcars@gmail.com


About RB Customs

RB Customs is the newest concept in bespoke automotive modification. Based on the UK's South Coast, RB Customs design and produce custom vehicles for each individual client's needs. This blog will give readers a behind the scenes glimpse at the world of custom cars, whilst sharing our latest ideas and inspirations.
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2 Responses to RBC SL55 AMG

  1. Hey there
    I am just making plans for getting a new automobile and I need help choosing in between an Audi or a Mercedes?
    I’m seeking to choose among and Audi A4 and C class
    I already own an A4 and i am really satisfied with it
    but I would you like to listen to those of you who own a Mercedes or maybe have owned both
    which one should I choose
    Thanks a lot for your help

    • RB Customs says:

      Thanks for your comment. We would personally choose the the Audi A4… This car looks great when customized, fuel consumption is amazing and residual value greater. Keep your eyes on the blog for an Audi special coming soon. It will give you some great idea’s on customizing your Audi.

      Many Thanks

      Team RBC.

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